A Generous Donation for Deaf and Hard of Hearing
Rochester Public Schools

Last week, the Rochester Public Schools Deaf and Hard of Hearing (DHH) Department accepted a donation of $17,500 from the Sertoma 700 Club. This donation will allow the Department to continue our efforts to provide an equitable learning experience for our students and staff.


It is quite difficult for DHH students to wear headphones over their hearing aids, cochlear implants, or Baha hearing devices. The plan is, with these funds, to purchase additional Phonak Roger Touchscreen Transmitters for our students to aid them in directly streaming sound from their 1:1 iPad to their hearing devices. With this device, students can sync their personal hearing devices to the transmitter, plug it into the iPad, then send the sound wirelessly through the transmitter to their ears.

These transmitters turn our students' hearing devices into wireless headphones streaming sound set at their prescribed hearing levels, allowing for fewer interruptions during class.

With the new streaming setup, students can seamlessly stream audio from the iPad, then switch to listening to their teacher’s voice with the press of a button. Currently, students need to end the streaming on their devices and physically reconnect to the teacher’s transmitter in the classroom. It can take several minutes, depending on the number of students in class.

Additionally, this transmitter aids our DHH students in group work time, as it can pick up sound in a 4-foot radius. Students can lay the transmitter in the middle of their group and hear all their classmates clearer than before.

Thank you to the Sertoma 700 Club for their generous donation!