Meet the Principal

Welcome To All Students, Parents, and Guardians!

We hope you are all just as excited as we are to work together to offer encouragement and support for your child during this school year, and as a result see academic and social growth in your child.

We believe that a strong partnership between families and staff is essential to inspire, challenge and empower our students! We need your support to assist your child in attending school regularly and on time. We invite you to play an active role in your child’s education. Ask questions, come to events and show your child that school and learning are the keys to success! 

The mission of Lincoln is to educate and empower our children in a family-oriented and creative community by cultivating excellence. Staff use a thematic approach to deliver curriculum using multiple intelligences which support the individual learning styles of the whole child. Integrated technology lessons deliver the skills our children will need in a technology-driven future. Our innovative science curriculum supports academic excellence and is fostering the next generation of talented and creative scientists. 

Lincoln creates a positive environment for learning and growing by nurturing self-esteem and personal responsibility with a focus on respect and personal diversity. We are a creative community that incorporates visual arts, music and class productions in grades K-8. The foundation of Lincoln’s success is family involvement in the classroom, school organizations and events. To arrange a tour, call our office at (507) 328-3550.